R h e I

Annotated NFTs.
You are your flow.

Rhei is an open source framework for social media projects and individuals to engage the world with their creative output. You are the publisher, we provide the tools. Rhei is based on IOTA, IPFS and more.


The world's first media tech startup was in Mainz, Germany in 1449. Release stages are named in homage to that project's principals:

Stage Release Effort
Gutenberg pre-alpha Buidl!
Faust alpha Implement
Schöffer endless beta Extend
15/04/2022: This page will be updated frequently as the roadmap is advanced.
changelog here

26/04/2022: initial publication of roadmap. skeletal, missing detail. to be populated granularly
To report bugs, issues, improvements, comments and talk to the team: Discord (repeated on Matrix).
  1. External Dependencies

    Rhei emphasizes interop with other IOTA Ecosystem projects. If you are a principal of an IOTA Ecosystem project, do not hesitate to reach out to us about ways we can work together to advance both of our efforts.

    Rhei is already cooperating with a number of projects, and notice will be populated here as permission is granted for public disclosure.

    PubSub frameworks:
    IPFS (evolving)/

    NFT formats:

    to be announced

    DAO models:

    to be announced

    DID solutions:

    to be announced

    Decen Storage:


    DeFi bridges:

    to be announced
  2. Stage Gutenberg

    ETA: Soon
    nonimplementable, early access, testing, observation
  3. Stage Faust

    ETA: Less Soon
    implementable, with breaking changes, requires code modification. code open sourced and public
  4. Stage Schöffer

    endless beta
    ETA: More Less Soon
    stable release, continuous improvement, perpetual updates and extensions. incremental improvement that adds features, no breaking changes (barring external dependencies outside Rhei's wheelhouse)